Art to support art

Born Tafirenyika Richard Manyenga on the 24th of September 1981 in Zimbabwe and he has been in the metal art industry for over a decade creating art pieces that have reached several countries of the world including Australia and the Middle East. He started having a passion to create music at age 14 when he composed his first ever original song. He has released his first album entitled NadzoNadzo and has done a single in the Reggae compilation by Dr Dread entitled 12 Tribes riddim which also features various other artists at home, across Africa and Europe.

It is the drive to be able to be self sufficient as an artist which saw Taafi persuing, proffesionally, another art form to be able to fund his musical projects and through which he is also uplifting fellow artists off the ground.

As a new promoter, his debut project is a dancehall riddim album dubbed Hamlet Hero currently being voiced at King Dread Studios (Cape Town), Shumba Productions (Gauteng) , Mfumu Phiri Studio (Kleisdorp).

A 12 track reggae album by Taafi Renyikah, expected to be dropping soon might see him earning his passionate recognition of an authentic reggae ambassador. So he is putting much effort on it,paying much attention to detail and striving for perfection. The album, another Dr Dread production, commenced beginning of this year and is almost complete now.

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