Bihngi Warrior Riddim premiering on 25 June 2022

Voiced in Jamaica, United Kingdom, South Africa and Zimbabwe the Bihngi Warrior Riddim by Dr Dread is set for release at 12am on 25 June 2022. Just like the forerunner, the 12 Tribes Riddim, The Bihngi Warrior Riddim is named after another mansion in the house of Rastafari and designed to showcase Ra

livity and one love to the masses. The Nyabihngi is one of the 3 major mansions of Rasta

fari, with the other 2 being The 12 Tribes and the Bobo Ashante.

The Album comprises 8 artists, 6 being Zimbabwean and 2 Jamaican.

Of the 8, 2 are female.

The Riddim Track was composed by yours truly Dr Dread who is super excited to share this phenomenal international collaboration, a "game changer" as he calls it

While Southern Africa has seen such reggae greats as Lucky Dube from SA and Culture T from Zimbabwe, there has been a great vacuum in that sector in the past few years.

The Bihngi Warrior track list is as follows

  1. Eyahra-Annointed

  2. Fada Fox-Night shift

  3. Fraternity-Set your goal

  4. Goody Gapp-Murderer

  5. Taafi Renyikah-Ndaramba

  6. Madd Bwoy Khaki-Ride or die

  7. Trust Afro-Celebrate

  8. G. Hyper-love is the way

The album will be distributed via online stores and NOT SOCIAL MEDIA (say no to piracy). Download links shall be provided from our official pages and our partners in media both electronic and print.

Please note: you can also search for Bihngi Warrior Riddim directly on your browser and download if you have not managed to tp access any link by the release date

Let the count down begin

Let Jah music play

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