Detox Riddim

Drug addiction is not a disease, it's a choice. It starts as a one off adventure, next it becomes a chronic habit. Breaking the chains of addiction is also a choice that one has to make. it requires self determination more than anything. If you're addicted , you don't have a disease, you have a weak mind

Dread Productions and CrossBorders Entertainment have joined hands to initiate war on drugs, through a compilation album titled Detox Riddim while extending an open hand to any, individual/organisation who may want to join this fight to save the next generation, as we bear in mind, today's youths are tomorrow's leaders. Detox Riddim is pure Dancehall suitable for both melodic or rhythmic flows. SingJays will also have a field day on this one

For more detail on how to voice on the Detox Riddim or partner on the musical anti drug campaign, donations and contributions contact Crossborders Entertainment (whatsapp)+27 84 602 6739 or Dread Productions directly chat with us on

Each one teach one

Music is a mission, not a competition

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