E.P. Now Out

Another well crafted international collabo from King Dread Studios is out and currently blazing hot on all digital stores. Also a producer in his own right, Scratch Rugarchy decided to spice up his works with Dread's sound thereby leading the duo to come up with a reggae sound that is ready to rock airwaves, clubs and internet for a long time.

Super loaded with conscious lyrics and the 5 track E.P. carries songs like Suck Africa Dry, Down in the valley, Who feels it, Voicemail and Zimbabwe. Scratch's writing skills are mainly driven by his love for humanity and his hate for social injustices. While it all began with studioworks, Scratch has been seen on stage together with Dr Dread and his band, The Dub Liberals and in other instances with the Dr Dread 4 piece, One Drop Band.

The deep African accent, the philosophical writing style and the unique vocal projection possessed by this Rasta man gives roots rock reggae a whole new look if not a facelift

While Scratch Rugarchy is already a big name in Capetown, his new project has seemed to have gotten him international attention with promoters from as far as USA, for example, initiating very promising dialogues.

Check it out online and download or stream on your device.

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