Ghetto yout on the rise

It was through experiencing a fair amount of trials and tribulations that Slottah found refuge in music. Slottah has done a collection of singles with Zimbabwean and South African based producers and studios that Marcus Garvey records and Soundminds

Born Tinovimbanashe Zandonda, Slottah grew up in Harare Zimbabwe before moving to South Africa as a young adult in search for greener pastures. after having toughed it out for some years of his life as a motherless child,

His first encounter with Dread Productions was when he ushered the single Rudeboy - 12 Tribes Riddim and it is then that he decided to engage the producer on his debut album project. The number of tracks on the upcoming album have not been specified but Slottah has made it known that it will be released in time for summer. Though it's pregnant with conscious vibes, Slottah also showcases the "Mr lover lover" side of himself with a fair share of lover's rock tunes to give it a balance. One of the songs is a new version of his single "Good woman". Being a believer of the Rastafari faith, Slottah likes to chant down bad behaviour among the youthful and livicates his career to make a change

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